Our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. That is why we build our products to high standards of quality and long lasting performance. Our article is guaranteed for a period of 24 months from date of purchase against any defect due to faulty workmanship or component failure. If such defects appear, kindly bring your device to your local retail store and Bryber Technology LLC will repair or replace your product at no cost. 

The pen instantly turns on when you hold down the button and drag on the mouth piece. The amount of smoke is regulated by how strong your drag is. 

In order to preserve a level of security and quality, BRYBER cartridges are not refillable. BRYBER pens are designed specifically for use with BRYBER-certified CBD liquids. Check out our range of cartridges here. 

All Cannabis plants used in the oil fabrication of our partners are grown and treated under the best possible conditions. BRYBER prides itself in cooperating only with high quality extract manufacturer. 

BRYBER pens are meant for adult use only. Make sure to keep your BRYBER pen out of reach of children. 

If your BRYBER pen isn’t working correctly, please contact our BRYBER support team or return the pen to your local retail store.